LiDAR & Imaging


The RIEGL VMX-RAIL is a fully integrated Mobile Laser Scanning System for track mapping and clearance surveying. The triple scanner system design allows for utmost efficient capturing of dense, accurate, and feature-rich data.

OS-1 Lidar Sensor

The OS-1 offers a market leading combination of price, performance,reliability and SWAP. It is designed for indoor/outdoor all-weather environments and long lifetime. As the smallest high performance LIDAR on the market, the OS-1 can be directly integrated into vehicle facias, windshield, side mirrors, and headlight clusters.

OS-2 Lidar Sensor (Coming Soon)

Long range, High Resolution, Low cost lidar for autonomous vehicles and UAV mapping. Multi-Beam Flash Lidar design is a simple architecture allowing for maximum performance in a compact, lightweight lidar system.


LiDAR and high resolution imagery from our first generation ZEB Discovery. The strongest SLAM algorithm on the market, now available with ultra-high definition imagery from the NCTech iStar Pulsar camera.

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