ContextCapture Center

With ContextCapture Center, you can quickly produce even the largest and most challenging 3D models of existing conditions for infrastructure projects of all types, including scales as large as entire cities, derived from any digital photographs, including support for the most sophisticated aerial camera systems, including UAVs acquisition systems and laser scanners. Without the need for expensive, specialized equipment, you can quickly create and use these highly detailed 3D reality meshes to provide precise real-world context for design, construction, and operations decisions for use throughout the lifecycles of projects.

High-end scalability for your largest and most challenging projects

  • Dramatically compress your project timelines
    Speed the production of your 3D models, leveraging high performance parallel computing with ContextCapture Center.
  • Infinite number of input images and point clouds
    Produce 3D engineering-ready reality meshes using photos and/or point clouds as large as your most demanding projects require.
  • High fidelity, shareable, and interoperable models
    Consistently create high fidelity 3D engineering-ready reality meshes resulting in fine details, sharp edges, and geometric accuracy.

    Easily share and stream the 3D models on desktop and mobile devices, in many formats, across project teams and applications for use in any engineering or GIS workflows.

    You can leverage a software development kit to customize your workflows to fit your unique organizational needs.