ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service

UAV companies and surveying and engineering firms, leveraging reality modeling in-house, can utilize ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service to upload photos and/or point clouds to generate 3D engineering-ready reality meshes, orthophotos, digital surface models, and point clouds dramatically faster than before.

This high-performance, cloud-based service automates the production of 3D models of virtually any size or precision without the need for high-end hardware or specialized IT support. ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service enables faster processing and reconstruction of reality meshes thanks to the support of its unique parallel processing using multiple engines using the latest cloud technology.

You can leverage a simplified setup to quickly scale your projects and expand use to any project team to easily document as-is context affordably, with less investment of time and resources. Through use of the ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console or ContextCapture Mobile application, you can quickly upload imagery to produce 3D models. This service is easy to use and simple to set up, making it practical for any organization to provide precise real-world context for all phases of an asset’s lifecycle.

  • ContextCapture Console – Enables instant uploading of photos and/or point clouds and setting of ground control points for generating 3D reality meshes. Download the ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console.
  • ContextCapture Mobile – Easy-to-use reality modeling app used to quickly create and display 3D models from photos taken with a phone or tablet. Download the ContextCapture Mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play.