Software / Orbit GT

3DM Content Manager

Organises and manages catalogues and archives improves and optimises image and point cloud data. Carries out QA/QC, document and report independent, deliver ready-made projects after data is captured. Readily uploaded to be shared online.

3DM Feature Extraction

Complete mapping unit for Image, LiDAR and DSM mapping process features and results in semi- or full automated mode for documenting assets, centralize data management, roles and permissions for team work.

3DM Publisher – On Premise

Share online without limit. A server-based solution to share 3D Mapping Data Online. Share 360° and planar nadir, street-view, oblique imagery, share DSM and LiDAR point clouds online, define user credentials, multiple publications, server pool, share on the web, mobile devices, and integrate using SDK

3DM Cloud - SAAS

Store and share 3D Mapping data in the cloud stream DSM/LiDAR point clouds, 360 and planar imagery view and share street-view, nadir, and oblique 3d mapping data share via web and mobile devices

3DM Plugins

Display Image & Point Cloud data in 3rd party software 3D data from any vendor, any system, any size or coverage integrate based on the Orbit SDK (API) connect to 3DM Publisher and 3D Mapping Cloud

3DM Blur & Erase

Complies with privacy laws: The complete Blue & Erase workflow. Use the Orbit desktop product for fast manual registration of blurring areas or address the Orbit GT service to detect faces and license plates that require blurring. Consolidate the registered areas and blurring feedback using the desktop QC product.