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NavVis VLX

Ready for anything


NavVis VLX is a mobile mapping system designed for laser scanning and AEC professionals that enables high-quality reality capture of complex buildings and construction sites.


 Dual LiDAR

  • Two multi-layer LiDAR sensors capture 3D measurements and enable industry-leading SLAM
    software in a combination that delivers best-in-class point cloud quality.
  • Complete 360° capture
    Four cameras positioned on top of the device take high resolution images without any blind spots or operators appearing in the field of view.
  • Forward-looking
    A new design for wearable mapping hardware that is  strategically positioned at the front to enable targeted scanning as well as viewing of the built-in screen.
  • Control point compatibility
    For survey-grade accuracy and automatic dataset alignment, NavVis VLX is compatible with ground and wall control points.
  • Built-in interface
    The touchscreen interface displays live feedback during scanning and is built into the device to allow hands-free movement.
  • Compatible with ground control points
    For survey-grade accuracy and automatic dataset  alignment, NavVis VLX is compatible with ground control points.


Survey-grade point clouds


  • Accurate and reliable SLAM delivers survey-grade point clouds
  • Point cloud surface reconstruction focuses on preserving details
  • Highly realistic point cloud texturing
  • Automatic detection and removal of dynamic objects


NavVis VLX

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