One receiver with Base & Rover Capabilities


The R8s LT is a pre-configured GNSS system with dual frequency tracking and base and rover capabilities.

  • Advanced satellite tracking with Trimble 360 receiver technology
  • Includes Trimble Maxwell™ 6 chips with 220 channels
  • Wide band UHF or no UHF radio option
  • Web Interface
  • Tracks Dual Frequency
  • Up to 10Hz positioning rates


Leading technology

  • Each Trimble R8s LT comes integrated with powerful Trimble 360 tracking technology that enables you to expand the reach of your GNSS rover to sites that were previously inaccessible.
  • Eliminate the need to travel for routine monitoring of base station receivers with Trimble's exclusive Web UI.
  • Trimble Survey Mobile app for Andriod provides a straightforward mobile interface for collecting static GNSS raw data for post-processing without the need to use a Trimble controller or Trimble Access software.

Trimble R8s LT