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The RIEGL VMX-RAIL is a fully integrated Mobile Laser Scanning System for track mapping and clearance surveying. The triple scanner system design allows for utmost efficient capturing of dense, accurate, and feature-rich data.


Take advantage of the VMX-RAIL for

  • Accurate surveying in challenging environments
  • Reliable capturing of railway infrastructure, topology, and vegetation
  • Max. platform speed up to 130 km/h for operation during regular rail schedules
  • Reduction of scan shadows by triple scanner system design
  • Flexible camera options to complement scan data with high resolution imaging
  • Interfaces to Third-Party Rail-Processing Software Packages



  • Rugged measuring-head for reliable long-term operation in harsh environments
  • Equipped with 3 VUX-1HA High Accuracy Laser Scanners
  • Optimized scanner orientation to increase the field of view and to minimize scan shadows
  • Unique crossed point cloud pattern along 360 deg of the clearance profile for improved feature extraction and small object detection
  • 3 MHz pulse repetition rate and 750 lines per second resulting in up to 7000 pts/m2 in 3m range at 80 km/h platform speed


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