MicroSurvey has been working with (and building tools for) surveyors for over twenty years. We know what you need to complete your tasks, calculations and drawings.

There is no other Least Squares tool available that is as comprehensive as STAR*NET. With a graphical display of your entire survey network, you will find it easy to tighten things up. With computed error ellipses, angular closure errors, easy-to-understand adjustment statistics, a preanalysis routine and a blunder detect function you will be able to identify and stamp out every single weakness in your survey network. Then, the final results can be sent off to MicroSurvey CAD, AutoCAD® or popular COGO programs. A large number of converters are available to process measurements and GPS information from TDS, Carlson, MicroSurvey, and more. Some manufacturers even provide STAR*NET converters for their own data, because STAR*NET is the most widely used Least Squares Adjustment program.

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Microsurvey CAD

Surveyors all over the world use MicroSurvey CAD to complete their infrastructure and design projects. MicroSurvey has been building software for the surveying industry for over 25 years and with all this experience, we are able to offer the best surveying CAD software package available today.

We understand that not everyone needs a full featured package, so we offer 4 different options. Our Basic version has core surveying computation tools and just enough CAD tools to draft a plan. The Standard version has all the features of Basic, plus a full CAD engine. The Premium version, which has everything you expect in a Survey software package including advanced design capabilities. Completing the line is the Ultimate version, which has all features enabled, including point cloud processing tools.

MicroSurvey has been developing its desktop software on the IntelliCAD engine for over 7 years. MicroSurvey CAD opens and saves AutoCAD drawing files (V2.5 through 2011) and uses DWG as its native format. IntelliCAD’s command set, toolbar and menu structure is very similar to AutoCAD so you can install MicroSurvey CAD into existing AutoCAD environments with ease!

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