In recent years, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is getting more attention, and thus, creating models for BIM applications is getting more popular as well. On top of that, a very quick and effective way of capturing reality is via laser scanning, thus creating as-built models from laser scan data (pointcloud) is the most efficient method. This course aims to provide trainees with an overview and general knowledge regarding creating models from pointcloud using a solution provided by Trimble Sketchup and the Undet plugin.

Course Detail:

  1. Introduction to Sketchup - User interface and Navigation and Shading

  2. Manipulating Objects - Selecting Objects, Moving, rotation and scaling objects, Showing faces and edges and Advanced Selection

  3. Drawing in Sketchup - Lines 2D / 3D, Rectangles, Circles / Polygons, Arcs, Eraser, Push/pull function, Offsets & Follow Me tool

  4. Measuring and Labelling - Tape Measure tool, Protractor and Labels and dimensions

  5. Undet for Sketchup Introduction - Using the Undet Indexer, Attaching Pointcloud to Sketchup, Pointcloud Manipulation using Undet in Sketchup, Shading Pointcloud and Feature extraction


Course Fee: SGD$400 (exclude 7% GST)

Target Audience: This course suitable for all personnel whose requires process point cloud data in their trade or occupation.

Course Duration: Two full day (9am to 5pm)