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The course will focus on Scanning technology, data collection, processing and simple modelling, and examples of Land surveying applications. A combination of lectures and hands-on demonstrations of the hardware used as well as data processing procedures.

Course Detail:

  1. What is laser scanning? What are point clouds?

  2. Comparing traditional data capture methods to scanning

  3. Introduction to the hardware - Terrestrial laser scanner (Static) & GeoSlam (Mobile)

  4. Hardware live demonstration

  5. Software registration demonstration

  6. Discussions of possible deliverables (with software demo) - Dimensions extraction, Floor plans and sections plans creation, Volume Calculation, Contours Generation, Feature extraction, Digital Terrain Models / TIN Models (Triangulations), Meshing & Comparison to design (Change Detection)

  7. Creating 3D models from point cloud - Fitting shapes to point cloud (Realworks) & Introduction of Undet for SketchUp


Course Fee: $350 (Exclude GST)

Target Audience: Surveyors, BIM modeler, Contractors

Course Duration: One full day (9am to 5pm)

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