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The land surveying industry is always looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Being able to save time and effort in processing field data back in the office will make a big difference to the bottom line. This course aims to do just that by providing a “Field to Finish” workflow, allowing plan production directly from the data collected in the field without the need to export data to another CAD package for finishing and plotting. With MicroSurvey CAD’s in-built COGO and calculations tools, almost all surveying related computations could be done as well, thus providing a complete and essential tool for the professional land surveyor.

Course Detail:

  1. Introduction to MicroSurvey CAD (MSCAD)

  2. Software Installation and Licensing Options

  3. Configurations and Setting of Template for first-time usage

  4. General MSCAD Navigation and Usage - Project Manager, File Structure & Extensions & IPN/IPD/IPE

  5. Smart Points in MSCAD - Using the Single Point Editor to manually enter points, Importing / Exporting from ASCII file, Listing Points (Active Coordinate Editor), Auto Add Points to Objects, Labelling of Points & Lines & Creation of Coordinates and Lines Table

  6. CAD Edit Lines / Curves Routine

  7. COGO and Areas Functions in MSCAD

  8. 2D Helmert’s Transformation

  9. Importing/entering Raw Data from total stations into MSCAD - Misclose computation and adjustment of traverses

  10. Introduction to AutoMap - Creation of features in AutoMap & Automatic line joining in AutoMap

  11. Surface Modelling and Volume Computation in MSCAD - Creation of a Digital Terrain Model using CAD entities and data, Applying break lines and boundaries to the surfaces, Volume calculations & Creating contours and cross sections


Course Fee: SGD$400 (exclude GST)

Target Audience: This course is suitable for anyone whose is keen on getting a deeper understanding of the many advanced tools available in the latest version of the MicroSurvey CAD.

Course Duration: Two full day (9am to 5pm)

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