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The ZEB-REVO RT is handheld, lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to rapidly build highly accurate 3D pointclouds within minutes, while on the move.


Gain real-time insight into your scan, see the areas you’ve covered (or missed) and the route you’ve taken before you leave site.


Simple, comprehensive SLAM for everyone.


Processing Software

Requires GeoSLAM Hub - our 'All in One' point cloud manipulation software

  • Create 2D plans, sections & elevations from 3D point cloud data in minutes
  • Rapid 2D area measurement, and 3D volume calculations from 3D data
  • Automatic vectorization of 2D lines allows for rapid fl oorplan and ceiling layouts
  • Easily export data for use in third party CAD and GIS software packages
  • Integrated 2D and 3D viewer
  • Modify and reprocess 3D data
  • Merge multiple datasets
  • Create 2D layouts, sections and elevations with GeoSLAM Draw
  • Export a range of industry standard formats


Data Features

  • Data Storage Capacity: 120GB
  • Raw data file size: ~10MB for every 1 min scanning
  • Processed data file size: ~8MB for every 1 min scanning
  • Default output file format: Multiple formats including .LAS, .PLY and .e57.
  • Compatibility: GeoSLAM data is compatible with all major CAD software packages
  • Graphical User Interface: Compatible with any web-enabled tablet or mobile phone*
  • WiFi Range: Upto 15m from datalogger

**Tablet or phone not included with kit


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