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iSTAR pulsar


iSTAR Pulsar makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to capture the world around them in high resolution panoramic imagery. Requiring no photography experience or even a computer, this ground-breaking device allows you to effortlessly capture, upload and publish your world to Google Street View.

Designed in collaboration with Google, iSTAR Pulsar is the world’s first professional edge-to-cloud imaging system certified for the Google Street View platform.

 iSTAR Pulsar gives you…


  • High resolution output
    iSTAR Pulsar’s unparalleled 11K 360-degree resolution offers almost four times the resolution of standard 8K spherical systems, delivering incredible 60.5 megapixel panoramic images at up to 7fps.
  • Intelligent design
    Optimised for mobile platforms, iSTAR Pulsar dynamically adjusts capture rate to provide consistent distance interval spacing, minimising data storage and processing requirements. Weighted metering analysis ensures zones of high interest are always perfectly exposed.
  • Ready-to-go calibration
    Every iSTAR Pulsar system is fully calibrated to sub-pixel level. Combined with our own advanced depth stitching process, this allows capture speeds of up to 70mph. Unlike other stitching methods such as optical flow, our process does not suffer from double data, bending, flickering or blurring.
  • Edge-to-cloud processing with VR.World
    Your captured data is conveniently uploaded directly from the device to our VR.World platform via a Wifi connection. Using powerful cloud computing tools, VR.World image processing is automated and efficient, freeing-up your local computer resources and saving time and money.


Key applications and market sectors


Destination marketing


  • Capture your destination in immersive panoramic imagery for visitors to explore on Google Street View
  • Enjoy greater control of conditions compared with routine GSV captures
  • Add branding to your capture to enhance your presence on the platform

Home developer capture


  • Get new developments onto GSV as soon as you’re ready without waiting for routine captures
  • Control the date, time and route of capture for optimum appeal
  • Add branding to your capture to enhance your presence on the platform

Business showcasing


  • Ensure the most up-to-date imagery of your site or business on GSV
  • iSTAR Pulsar offers the highest resolution imagery for GSV

iSTAR pulsar

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