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Long range, High Resolution, Low cost lidar for autonomous vehicles and UAV mapping. Multi-Beam Flash Lidar design is a simple architecture allowing for maximum performance in a compact, lightweight lidar system.


OS2 Lidar Sensor Specification

Vertical Resolution32 channels64 channels128 channels
Horizontal Resolution512, 1024, or 2048512, 1024, or 2048512, 1024, or 2048
Range240 m240 m240 m
Vertical Field of View22.5° (±11.25º)22.5° (±11.25º)22.5° (±11.25º)
Vertical Angular Resolution0.18º – 0.73º (multiple options)0.18º – 0.73º (multiple options)0.18º
Precision±1.5 – 5 cm±1.5 – 5 cm±1.5 – 5 cm
Points Per Second655,3601,310,7202,621,440
Rotation Rate14 – 20 W14 – 20 W14 – 20 W
Weight930 g930 g930 g
Ingress Protection RatingIP68, IP69KIP68, IP69KIP68, IP69K

OS-2 Lidar Sensor

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