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When data continuity with position and orientation accuracy is a steadfast requisite for a mobile data application, engineers and geospatial specialists turn to POS LV solutions. For organizations looking to upgrade current GNSS-Only positioning performance or those demanding a proven fully-integrated turnkey position and orientation system, POS LV solutions generate and deliver the robust, reliable, and repeatable results needed to make mobile landbased data acquisition systems profitable and highly productive.


Compact and simple to install or transfer between vehicles, POS LV is quick to learn and has been designed for easy installation with rapid calibration. By conducting operations at normal highway traffic speeds, POS LV accelerates productivity while reducing data collection costs and potential roadside risk to personnel. POS LV may be used with DGPS and RTK corrections, and survey-grade GNSS technology and Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI) integration are standard on all models to ensure superior accuracy performance.POSPac post-processing software is available for further refinement of collected results, lending itself to the production of a far more enhanced and representative data set.


Used by transportation departments, engineering companies, GIS consultants, and mobile mapping system integrators around the world, POS LV provides uninterrupted and precise position and orientation measurements under seemingly impossible GNSS conditions. The POS LV reputation is earned by the continuous high rate (up to 200 Hz) and high accuracy results absolutely necessary for sound mobile survey operations, even despite GNSS signals being blocked or effected (multipath effects) common in urban canyons. Whether used for pavement analysis, asset/infrastructure management, GIS data capture, vehicle dynamics, corridor measurement and visualization, or route monitoring, POS LV helps meet the requirements of any mobile surveying service specialty.


Key Features

  • POS Computer System enables raw GNSS data from as few as one satellite to be processed directly into the system to compute accurate positional information in areas of intermittent or no GNSS reception
  • IMU generates a true representation of vehicle motion in all three axes
  • Streamlined data workflows
  • Worldwide availability
  • Embedded GNSS receivers provide heading aiding to supplement the inertial data
  • Operates at normal highway traffic speeds for cost-effective data capture
  • Post-processing capabilities with POSPac MMS
  • Quick operational capability, with installation, calibration and training completed in as little as three days


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