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Airborne and Mobile Laser Scanning Systems provide data acquired by the laser scanner(s) and data from an INS/GNSS system. The laser scanner data is frequently referred to as scan data, whereas the INS/GNSS data or position and orientation data is called in short trajectory data after post-processing.


RiWORLD transforms the scan data into the coordinate system of the trajectory, usually WGS84 (world geodetic system). It thus provides the acquired laser data of the object's surfaces within a geocentered coordinate system for further processing.


In order to transform the scan data with high accuracy RiWORLD applies accurate geometrical system descriptions as input, i.e., the transformations from the scanner system to the IMU/GNSS coordinate system, and to the vehicle body coordinate system. The output data of RiWORLD represents a point cloud in WGS84 with additional descriptors for each point such as amplitude of echo return, target reflectance, echo pulse width, pre-classification, and more. RiWORLD is smoothly integrated into the project-oriented processing software RiPROCESS via the application server RiSERVER.



  • Transformation of laser data into the coordinate system of the trajectory
  • Interfacing to third party software packages
  • Smoothly integrated into RiPROCESS project management software


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