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Airborne and Mobile Laser Scanning Systems provide data acquired by the laser scanner(s) and data from an INS/GNSS system. The laser scanner data is frequently referred to as scan data, whereas the INS/GNSS data or position and orientation data is called in short trajectory data after post-processing.


Built on proven Trimble technologies––including Trimble SurePoint and MagDrive technology, and our DR Plus EDM––this is the no nonsense workhorse that works efficiently and dependably while maintaining the highest possible accuracy.

  • Everything you need to perform survey campaigns
  • Measure further and faster with the Trimble DR Plus EDM
  • Complete field-to-office solution for quick data capture and processing
  • Seamless integrated surveying with the Trimble GNSS receivers


Compatible Software

Choose from a variety of Trimble controllers operating the feature rich, intuitive Trimble Access field software. Streamlined workflows guide crews through common project types, helping to get the job done faster with less distractions. Trimble Access workflows can also be customized to fit your needs.

  • Back in the office, trust Trimble Business Center software to help you check, process and adjust your optical, leveling, and GNSS data in one software solution.
  • No matter what Trimble instruments you use in the field, you can trust that Trimble Business Center office software will help you generate industry-leading deliverables

Trimble S5

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