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Features & Benefits


  • Bright crisp laser lines – extends the working range and are easy to see

    Lithium-Ion batteries provide 25 hour operating time – huge savings on battery cost compared to alkaline models and are ecologically friendly

    Accuracy of 1/8 in @ 50 ft (2.5 mm @ 15 m)

    Rugged and durable – 3 ft (1m) drop specification means the LT56 can keep working even after minor accidents

    Versatile mounting accessory – includes ceiling track, magnetic and tripod mounts with rotation and fine vertical adjustment

    The HR1220 Line Receiver can be added for short-range exterior layout and elevation control



The Spectra Precision® LT56 provides three 360 degree planes of laser light. A horizontal plane and 2 vertical planes 90 degrees apart provide all the reference required for a wide variety of interior applications including wall layout and installation, acoustic ceiling installation, point transfer, cabinet and chair rail installation, tile layout, and horizontal and vertical alignment. The automatic self-leveling laser ensures ease of use. The LT56 is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that typically provide a battery life of 25 to 45 hours, depending on the number of laser planes used.

The universal accessory allows mounting to ceiling grid, various sized tripods, columns, and studs. The mount has fine vertical height and horizontal rotation adjustments for quick and easy setups. The HR1220 laser receiver can be added to give the LT56 the added versatility of outdoor use. The LT56 has been designed with a tough housing and generous overmold to withstand the rigors of the professional construction environment. This rugged tool is specified to pass 3 ft (1 m) drop tests.

Spectra LT56 Laser Marker

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