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The Trimble MX90 captures rich data for modeling and high-density point clouds, ideal for large survey and engineering projects. Mx90 is a powerful leading-edge mobile mapping solution with state of the art Trimble GNSS integration technology that achieve high-quality data in challenging GNSS environments with AP+60 IMU combined with the InFusion + Tracjatory processing engine.


Delivering high-resolution immersive imagery for feature detection and inspection tasks and high-density colourised point clouds with rich and accurate color projections. Trimble Mx90 produces precise feature-rich data trusted field-proven laser technology and immersive 360-degree panoramic and targeted cameras


Following data capture, integrated office software tools allow the processing of the data and the generation of meaningful deliverables that can be published to an audience within or outside of your organization.



Whether you are a transportation professional, highway or rail inspector, civil engineer or city planner, the Trimble MX90 is the ideal solution to quickly and efficiently survey a large corridor or project and to generate deliverables such as:

  • Road and rail assets
  • Telecommunication asset inventories
  • Elevation models
  • Volumetric analyses
  • 3D city models
  • As-Built surveys


Trimble MX90

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