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Trimble Pivot Platform software is GNSS CORS network software for managing GNSS reference stations and generating real-time corrections.




Trimble Pivot Platform is the foundation for real-time network applications. Various apps support a wide and growing range of capabilities and may be combined to create complete solutions to the specific requirements of individual applications. Trimble Pivot Platform provides a robust and scalable framework to deliver exceptional system performance, enable flexibility in configuration and reduce the cost of operations.


Market-specific apps


  • Ephemeris Download App: Manages the polling of all relevant orbit information data and makes it available to all other applications based on the Pivot platform.
  • Streaming Manager App: Controls and manages various incoming and outgoing data streams.
  • Instrument Configurator App: Controls high precision instruments, such as GNSS receivers. It also performs firmware updates through the software.

Trimble Pivot Platform

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