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The Trimble S5 Ti-M Monitoring Total Station will meet the monitoring requirements on any construction job site. This accurate and reliable total station helps you to work more efficiently with less equipment.


Trimble Monitoring Solutions' S5 Ti-M Total Station meets the requirements of construction monitoring projects at an affordable price. Use it confidently to generate millimetre accuracy in construction projects such as the monitoring of buildings over tunnel construction and close to excavation sites, as well as accurately monitoring the subsidence of road surfaces and embankments. It’s built to withstand the rigors of the most challenging environments and extreme work conditions, and has the following features and benefits for construction projects that require monitoring for site safety, including:

  • Trimble DR Plus EDM technology ensuring accurate data with fewer instruments, a cost saving on large and small project sites
  • Trimble FineLock technology delivers a pointing precision of less than 1 millimeter at a distance of 300 meters
  • The Trimble S5 Ti-M detects targets without interference from surrounding prisms, ensuring target lock over long distances
  • The Trimble 4D Control software enables you to set real time notifications to inform when structural or environmental movements occur, resulting in timely safety decisions

Trimble S5 Ti-M Monitoring Total Station

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