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The power of information reimagined

Trimble SiteVision is a user-friendly outdoor augmented reality system that brings data to life so you can visualize and explore complex information with unrivaled accuracy.





  • Visualize in 3D
    Place and view georeferenced 3D models from any angle at true-to-life scale—above or below the ground.
  • Measure
    Measure positions using GNSS, Electronic Distance Measurement, and Augmented Reality to better understand your data on site.
  • Collaborate
    Share, communicate, and collectively interact in real time with easy-to-understand visualizations.
  • ReportTake
    photos, record measurements, and make notes in the field. Create and assign tasks to team members.


Trimble SiteVision Integrated Positioning System

High-accuracy positioning and measurement in one package


  • Integrated cm-accuracy GNSS with Trimble Catalyst
  • Integrated Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM)
  • Flexible design fits most phones (up to 8” screens)
  • Lightweight handheld operation


Trimble SiteVision for Trimble Rugged hardware

Augmented Reality beyond smartphones


  • Highest horizontal and vertical accuracy available
  • Fully rugged system
  • Operates at night or in full daylight conditions
  • Works with your existing Trimble field workflow


Trimble Sitevision

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