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The Trimble SX12 is a two in one scanning total station for everyday, everywhere, every job, with it high accuracy total station, quick capturing of  high quality scan data, even at long range. With Trimble Vision camera system, selecting points and scan data become simple. A vivid eye safe laser pointer equip for precise measurement.
Timble SX12 is suitable for land survey, topo stakeout, surface inspection, underground mine, tunnel, roadway/corridor and civil infrastructure as-built


Key Features:


Trimble SX12 is the one instrument you need to handle any survey project by integrating surveying ,imaging and 3D scanning capabilities into your everyday workflow


Integrated System


  • Collect survey data, VISION imagery, and hgh-speed scans easily with Tramble Access field software and the SX12’s Lightning 3DM

  • Process seamlessly with Trimble business centre office software , or with Trimble Realworks office software for more advance scan processing

  • Share with anyone using web-based Trimble Clarity 

  • Rely on your equipment for years to come with Trimble Service and Warranty guarantee 


Our Smallest and Brightest Laser Pointer


  • Aim, Measure, and Mark effortlessly. A green focusable laser pointer yields the smallest spot size on the industry. just 6mm at 100m,letting you work from longer range.

  • Stay eye-safe without compromising laser visibility



Trimble SX12

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