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The RIEGL VMQ-1HA is a compact, economically priced High-Speed Single Scanner Mapping System, well suited for a variety of mobile mapping applications.


The system consists of a measuring head including one RIEGL VUX-1HA High Accuracy LiDAR Sensor, a compact control unit for system operation, and a special roof mount for convenient mounting. The optional integration of up to four cameras allows simultaneous acquisition of imagery to complement the captured LiDAR data. Multiple swivel positions of the measuring head allow the generation of different point cloud patterns meeting diverse project requirements. Seamless RIEGL workflow for MLS data acquisition, processing and adjustment is provided by RIEGL’s proven software suite.



  • High laser pulse repetition rate of up to 1 MHz
  • 250 scan lines per second
  • Range 420 m
  • Eye safe operation at Laser Class 1
  • Field of view 360°
  • Multiple target capability
  • Optional integration of up to 4 cameras



  • Transportation Infrastructure Mapping
  • Road Surface Measurements
  • City Modeling
  • Rapid Capture of Construction Sites and Bulk Material
  • As-Built Surveying
  • GIS Mapping and Asset Management
  • Surveying in Open-Pit Mining


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