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Computations and plan drawing are a traditional and important part of a surveyor’s work. Many fields of surveying involve data collection, calculations and presentation of the results. Survey computations like radiations, intersections, traverses and resections forms the basis of many traditional field surveys and are essentials knowledge for all surveyors. This course aims to provide the skills and knowledge for trainees who are keen to learn how all these computations are done. This knowledge could also equip trainees who are keen to write computer programs to perform such tasks as the formula used can be used as well in a digital format.

Course Detail:

  1. Survey Computations Fundamentals - Layout and Conventions, Accuracy / Rounding off and expressing results, General settings for scientific calculators and Revision of trigonometry

  2. Review Angles and Bearings - Compute bearings from angles and Compute angles from bearings

  3. Rectangular and Polar Coordinates - Computing Rectangular coordinates, Computing Polar coordinates and Using the calculator

  4. Missing Line Computation - Computing the closing line in a closed polygon

  5. Computing Coordinates - Computing coordinates from bearings and distances, Laying out the computations, Showing results clearly and Inversing

  6. Computing Offsets - Conventions used and Computing offsets from a straight line

  7. Intersections and Resections - Intersection using 2 bearings & Resection using bearings from 3 known stations

  8. Area Computations


Course Fee: SGD$350 (exclude  GST)

Target Audience: This course suitable for all personnel whose requires process and calculate surveying data or reading in their trade or occupation.

Course Duration: Two full day (9am to 5pm)

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